French Press Paperless Manual

With a French Press from Kitchellence, you’re just a few minutes away from deliciously brewed coffee!

Start by carefully unpacking your French Press. Each one is packaged in doubled bubble wrap for added protection.

Every purchase also includes 2 additional mesh filters for total convenience.

To start the brewing process, begin by boiling water.

Once boiled, pour the water into the beaker.

The hot water will help preheat your French Press.

Let the boiled water sit for a few minutes to properly heat the glass.

Meanwhile, use a food scale to measure 60 grams of coffee beans. Be sure to use the TARE function if you’re using an empty container for measurement.

We recommend using 1 gram of coffee per 17ml of water.

Grind your beans in a coffee grinder with ceramic blades – avoid metal blades when possible.

We suggest a medium coarse grind, but you can play around with the settings after you’ve brewed coffee a few times. If it’s too bitter or strong, your grind may be too fine. If it's a bit watery and weak, it might be too coarse.

While the beans are grinding, preheat your cup by pouring in some of the boiled water.

Grinding the coffee beans shouldn’t take long.

Freshly ground coffee smells so good!

After the French Press is preheated, dry it with a clean cloth and add the grounds.

Boil new water and wait about a minute. This slightly cools the water to the perfect temperature.

Add the water to the French Press.

At first, pour just enough water to soak the grounds.

Give the grounds a stir to fully incorporate the water.

We recommend covering your French Press to help hold in the heat. Set a timer for 30 seconds.

When the 30 seconds are up, add the rest of the water.

Next, give the water another gentle stir.

Put the plunger on and let the water sit for another 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

When the timer is up, gently press down the plunger. If it goes without any resistance, your grounds may be too coarse. If it’s difficult to press, the grounds are too fine.

Now your coffee is ready to enjoy!

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